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Texture Group Landscaping was born as a result of an ever changing market and the need to have all of our services under one umbrella.

Texture Plants has always offered a plant design service as an addition to the garden centre services. Over time the demand for our award winning design service has increased and the scope of work has increased with it. To keep up with this demand Texture Group has progressively increased the design and construction team over the years to a point where we can undertake any job and finish it to the highest professional standard. 

The acquisition of Lush Lawn Company in 2010 and the introduction of full landscape design and construction services in 2012 along with the Texture Plants Garden Centre have all come together to create an effective and experienced one stop landscape service.

Texture Group has now been designing and constructing its own landscapes for many years, will yours be next?

Feature Case Study

  • Russley Garden
CLIENT BRIEF   Refresh the property, the property had an existing garden which was in serious need of redevelopment. Design and construct a fresh new landscape which creates effective useable outdoor rooms, provides good screening and privacy with seasonal interest.     DESIGN CONSIDERATIONS   • Create outdoor rooms.

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