Northwood Garden

Led strip lighting starting to take effect early evening
Led strip lighting starting to take effect early evening
  • Led strip lighting starting to take effect early evening
  • Haupuka boulder and seating with hedge planting
  • Close up of the Railway line
  • New outdoor entertaining area the day of completion
  • The home before we worked our magic
  • lush mondo grass and seating


This client approached us at the end of a new build. The client had down sized there property considerably and wanted a lower maintenance garden which still provided the same level of privacy and interest they were accustomed to on their  larger property plus add noise protection as the property borders onto a busy road. Quite possibly the most unusual request we have had was the design must incorporate the clients miniature railway set.


•Make the best use of the section size incorporating the railway line.
•Link the existing exposed aggregate concrete patios together to create one cohesive outdoor entertaining space.
•Create effective noise and wind protection 
•Disguise neighbours rooflines and windows 


•To incorporate the railway line and make the best use of the available space we excavated the large soil bund on the northern boundary and terraced this out making use of large Hapuka boulders and timber retaining. The terracing of the bund allowed for plenty of planting plus the incorporation of the railway line. The added effect of the timber retaining is that it can also be used as seating.
•The outdoor entertaining area was small and disjointed consisting of two exposed aggregate concrete patios. The two patios didn’t link up making the area difficult to use. As we couldn’t match the concrete we decided laying exposed aggregate pavers with mondo grass between them would provide an effective link between the spaces and negate any potential matching issues.
•Terracing the bund for the railway line also provided us with large spaces and levels for planting, This provided great layering to the garden with feature trees to provide wind and noise protection.