Large Semi Rural Property

Autumn time in the main entrance creating a great flow
  • Multi level entertaining areas with plenty of hard landscape features
  • Large scale park like planting anchor this property nicely
  • Plenty of hard landscape features which act to enclose the area
  • Feature bamboo and rock create a zen entrance
  • Large scale driveway with feature planting for directional flow


Design and construct a landscape which makes the most of a large property. The finished landscape must have a park like setting which will suit the space yet still have an intermit feel for the landscape spaces around the house. Wind protection is important and screening from neighbours.



• Create well positioned, functional outdoor entertaining spaces.

• As the front of the property is a large expanse of drive way, create a good directional flow into the front entrance.

• Due to the large size of the property maintenance needs to be kept to a minimum. 



• The main outdoor living areas are a mixture of levels and materials. With decking coming off the house stepping down onto coloured concrete. This small level change creates two spaces which work harmoniously together to increase the usability of the area depending on the number of people using the space.

• The introduction of raised planters and walls serve two purposes which are enclosure of the outdoor space creating a warm welcoming environment and also providing additional seating.

• Due to the large driveway and entrance area we have used feature planting  and lighting to create a seamless flow and direction into the main entrance while hiding the rear path way.

• In the large lawn spaces we used a mixture of tree shapes and sizes to enhance views out to the mountains, create shade and disrupt views to neighbouring properties whilst providing wind protection and seasonal interest.    

• The undulating forms of the trees are accentuated by the introduction of large lawn mounds to create a third dimension and focus the views to the southern alps.