Commercial Green Space

Lifting the palms into place
Lifting the palms into place
  • Lifting the palms into place


Design and construct a simple yet elegant landscape to complement the style and colour of the new architectual office buildings. The design must be different to anything on the street and make the new office block a feature among its peers. The design must incorporate seating between the buildings for office workers to relax on during breaks.


•Plant design must be able to handle harsh conditions and potential vandalism of a commercial site.
•Create a design which is visually exciting and different to other commercial buildings in the area.
•Optimise the look of the architectural building


•Sometimes simplicity is the key. We decided the street frontage would look best with a minimalist style planting, this doesn’t mean we have skimped on the number of plants planted we have just used a minimal number of varieties. 
•Pave a mow strip around the gardens with Atlantic stone which matches the cladding used on the building
•Between the buildings the client commissioned the construction of comfy curved hardwood seats. Behind these we added large wooden planter boxes which we planted large yellow stemmed bamboo into.
•All of these spaces are highlighted at night with the addition of feature lighting which dramatically changes the space with ghostly shadows and electric colours.